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TACO BAR- $8.99 (Per person)
Simple lay out of our Taco Platter which is two tacos, rice and beans.
Includes cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, chips & salsa.
Your choice of meat(s) and tortillas (corn or flour).

MINI BURRITO BAR- $8.45 (Per person)
Our signature Burrito just in a smaller fashion, easy grab and go!
Includes beans and rice on the side with chips & salsa.
Every Burrito is prepared with beans, cheese, lettuce,tomato and your choice of meat.
Each Burrito is cut in half and wrapped separately.
Also serving mini burritos a la carte - $6.25 (Per person). 
Same as above with out the rice and beans.

FAJITA BAR- *Steak-$15.99 *Chicken-$14.99 (Per person).
Our sizzling Fajitas made to order, featuring our premium steak or chicken accompanied with grilled onions & green peppers tossed to perfection covered in our signature house salsa. Includes choice of tortillas (corn or flour), a tossed salad, rice, beans, chips & salsa.

ENCHILADAS- $12.99 (Three enchiladas per person).
Choice of cheese or meat enchiladas covered in one of our signature house salsas: mild red salsa, traditional mole or hot verde.
Served with rice, beans, a tossed salad, chips & salsa.

Quesadillas- 20 total (10 people minimum)
Choice of either - cheese $45 or with meat $65
*Quesadillas are served with an 8oz sour cream and an 8oz guacamole on the side.
Chicken Flautas- 20 total (10 people minimum)  $55
*Two chicken Flautas per person served with an 8oz sour cream and an 8oz guacamole on the side.

8oz- $6.45       20oz-$11.99      32oz-$14.99
Small pans- $35       Medium pans- $45         Large pans- $65
Chafing dishes are available upon request
For every catering order, please provide at least two days notice to make sure we can accommodate your party to the best of our ability**

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